Sunday, November 30, 2008

School Days

I never thought I would be "my age" and fretting over school work! I'm so close to finished, but I am so very tired of trying to find page numbers to go with the answers! Next weekend I have my next-to-last workshop for midwifery school. One more workshop in March, then I have to finish all of my clinical requirements before I can take the NARM test and get licensed. Still sounds like a really long time away, but I know that God has perfect timing. This past week has been crazy, with the Thanksgiving holidays coming 12 days after moving to Springtown, and one birth on Monday and another threatened birth 3 nights in a row! Sleep has been at a premium, and my schoolwork has suffered as a result. No more excuses though!

Amber and Caleb dropped in for a visit!

Amber and Caleb were here for 3 days this week, and we have so much fun with them around. We tend to have fun anyway, but there seems to be a lot more laughs than usual when they're here. We took new family photos for this years Christmas cards, so as soon as I'm done with my schoolwork, we'll work on getting those out!

I'd better get back to learning about things Postpartum and Newborn...

May you be blessed as you reflect on all of God's blessings to you today.

Interesting tidbit from Jonathan...
  • Sundays are supposed to be warm, not cold. That's why they're called 'Sun'-days.
I love that boy :) He was sick yesterday and we are so happy to have him up and around today feeling his usual self!


RejoicingComet said...

Cool, Mom! :D Love your blog. Reading your stuff about school made me think of Mark Lowry's favorite Bible verse: "And it came to pass". Everything in this life comes "to pass", not "to stay"--and that sure is a nice thing to know sometimes!
Jonathan is just so precious! He comes up with the most interesting things to say. Gotta love that boy!
Love you! :D

Jennifer Thompson said...

What a TERRIFIC PICTURE!! Words don't even do it justice. Thanks for sharing it (and visiting my blog)! =)

Anonymous said...

know what you mean about the school....with finals looming next week I think I better do some studying myself!

Anita-For His Glory said...

Hi Kelly, I love the picutre!! How creative. Im glad you have a blog now to.I just started one last month. We'll keep in touch. Bye Anita