Monday, December 29, 2008

NOT ME! Monday

I'm going to try my hand at the "Not ME!, Monday" list. Somehow I doubt mine will be as entertaining as some others, but who knows what it might evolve into?

This is a list of things I absolutely, would not, could not, never-ever would be caught doing ~

I did not lay in bed and toss and turn for 4 and a half hours one night this week trying to get to bed early 'just in case' a certain mama was truly in labor. Why would I want to do that instead of getting up and getting lots of things accomplished? Like all the things that were NOT running through my mind at the time: cleaning off my desk, getting all my paperwork done for turning in my clinical progress report, vacuuming the floors, unpacking boxes, or other stuff that wasn't going through my mind.

I did not ride the kids new zip line and have to drop off midway through because I could no longer keep my feet (or rear) from dragging the ground no matter how hard I tried. And I most certainly did NOT do this in a skirt! No sir, not me, no way! (And thankfully there were no cameras around for this thing I did not do!)

I also did not get up and move to a different spot in the living room to watch a movie so the cat would not have to move. Just move the dumb animal, right? It's not like she was really going to watch the movie or anything! Why would anyone do such a thing? Certainly not me!

I also have not spent an enormous amount of time this week scouring Craig's List for new bedroom furniture for the boys or living room furniture for our house. I have no money for such items, so why would I spend hours sitting in front of the computer looking at little furniture icons? I would never waste my time doing anything like that. I am far too practical in how I use my time these days to day dream like that!

And, I would never load my family in the car and proceed to drive an hour away to go to the best Mexican food Restaurant ever (The Jalapeno Tree) for dinner last night. That just sounds cruel doesn't it? So I, of course, would never do such a thing! Especially not just minutes after they had gotten home from a 5 hour trip themselves. Disclaimer: I also did not give them a choice, and that is the place they chose. Since I didn't do this thing, how could I have given them a choice???

Okay, that's my NOT ME list for this week ~ it's really kind of fun to stop and think through this list of things I did NOT do!

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